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Lockdown 2020, a new normal

So, here we are coming towards the end of June 2020, and we’ve been in a state of lockdown since March. It’s been one hell of a year, and one to remember, one to tell our children and grandchildren about. The year the world stopped and the earth had a chance to heal a little. There was time to reflect on what really matters, find out who means the most to us.

I’ve been working from home in, my other job, and work has been so busy I haven’t had the chance to really sit and look at where I want this to be. We’ve been busy staying safe, keeping my dad and son safe. My son did have Covid19, but a very mild dose and he didn’t need to go to hospital, he dealt with it at home. He’s recovered now, with no lingering side effects, and is back at work after a period of furlough.

We’ve settled into a new routine, and slowly letting things back into our lives that have been unsafe until now. Hopefully lockdown will ease further over the summer.

I’ve decided to reopen the shop here, and start listing some items on ebay too. The local post office is open, and we can keep contact there to a minimum, so it should be safe. My priority right now is care and safety. If at any point there is any contact with anyone who may show Covid19 symptoms, the shop and ebay will close again.

Feel free to have a browse.

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We’re all stressed and panicking over Covid-19. My Dad is self isolating because he is in his 70s and diabetic. My son has been sent home from work with a cough, so he’s stuck at home too. I feel guilty for being grateful neither of them lives with us.

There are so many small businesses out there, now struggling, or failing, because people are simply not buying. This is a hobby for me. I have a paid job, and my employer has said we can’t work from home, at the moment. I, and others, disagree with the decision, but if we want jobs then we have to go in.

But for other people these websites are their livelihood, their main income.

So, for so many reasons, I am taking the shop offline for now. Ebay sales will suspend once the last listing has ended. I’m just not prepared to be going to the local post office and putting others at risk. Of course, it’ll all come back once this goes away. And it WILL go away, in time. It’ll go away a lot faster if we can all just stay at home. Close the doors, batten down the hatches, look after each other from a distance, and stay as well as we can.

Use the time to get out in your garden. Deep clean the house. Binge watch stuff on netflix. Play board games. Have a virtual pub quiz with friends over skype or whatsapp. I’m heading outside to build a new raised bed for veg, move the compost, and generally tidy up out there. Then I’m settling in to rewatch old Silent Witness on BBC iplayer.

We can get through this.

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