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Back up everything, and change passwords often

Last week I got an email saying my site had been suspended after a hacker attack. I ignored it, thinking it was spam. Then I checked. Oops. So, after cleaning out all unwanted and hacked files, I started the process of Back up everything, and change passwords often…

That was slightly scary. In all the years I’ve had domains and websites I think this is the first time any of my sites have been hacked like that. I’m pretty sure it was caught within a few hours and fixed really quickly. My web host let me know, and offered advice on how to fix the issue. Even identified the errant files, so I could clean them up. All in all a relatively easy fix.

But in the aftermath, and knowing that some of you also have websites and may need reminding. Back up everything, and change passwords often! Just in case. You never know when your entire site could be replaced with football, or worse.

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