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My other site

My other site has been there for several years now, in one shape or another. That is where I keep my writing, galleries, and other creative endeavours.

I try to run the 2 side by side, linked but separate. Here is where you will find items for sale, the finished product. Over at Sarah Barnard you’ll find work in progress, trying out new ideas. Any NaNoWriMo project will be there, until any resulting book is finished and available for sale.

Now, you all know I am appalling at keeping up one blog, let alone 2. During lockdown I have had a little more time to think about the two sites and their future. I’ll be focussing on achieving constant and sustained traffic to OakbrookCreations as my primary goal, so SarahBarnard may look a bit neglected, but you are always welcome to go and browse the galleries and other pages.

my other site

As ever, I welcome any comments, feedback, or discussion, on this or my other site, as long as it is kept civil and constructive.

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