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Oakbrook Creations

Why did I choose the name, Oakbrook Creations? I wanted a name that reflected a desire to work creatively, and that showed a respect and love for the natural world.

During the recent rewrite of the first book, the fictional town in which my Portal series is set, became Oakbrook. The rest now need rewriting, because once you make changes they cascade through everything. This means that the rest of the story needs rewriting to accommodate those changes. That’s where Oakbrook came from. There is no real Oakbrook in the UK.

Oakbrook Creations

Oak trees have always been one of my favourites, ancient and drenched in the history they’ve seen. I saw oaks scattered through the landscape in Derbyshire, and there are a few here in Wales. The Portal story formed around an ancient oak that links 2 worlds and also features running water as a focus. So, Oakbrook came to be.

When looking for a domain name I discovered the town of Oakbrook in the US, and all domains with just the word Oakbrook were taken. So I have to add something to the name to make it unique. I’m all about creativity, so it became Oakbrook Creations.

At the moment this is a sales site, the shop is pretty much all there is. I have some photographic greeting cards, and hand crafted notebooks for sale, but the novels are not here. While I am working on rewriting the story, I have withdrawn them for sale. Once I have finished then rewrites, had the manuscripts checked, and edited, then they can reappear for sale. Sorry, I don’t know when that might be. The first book is out with a select few friends who are reading and commenting, but it’s a waiting game right now. I also need to decide whether to send the first one off to a publisher, or to go straight to self publishing again. Any thoughts on that? I would welcome a discussion, any opinions, suggestions?

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