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Lockdown 2020, a new normal

So, here we are coming towards the end of June 2020, and we’ve been in a state of lockdown since March. It’s been one hell of a year, and one to remember, one to tell our children and grandchildren about. The year the world stopped and the earth had a chance to heal a little. There was time to reflect on what really matters, find out who means the most to us.

I’ve been working from home in, my other job, and work has been so busy I haven’t had the chance to really sit and look at where I want this to be. We’ve been busy staying safe, keeping my dad and son safe. My son did have Covid19, but a very mild dose and he didn’t need to go to hospital, he dealt with it at home. He’s recovered now, with no lingering side effects, and is back at work after a period of furlough.

We’ve settled into a new routine, and slowly letting things back into our lives that have been unsafe until now. Hopefully lockdown will ease further over the summer.

I’ve decided to reopen the shop here, and start listing some items on ebay too. The local post office is open, and we can keep contact there to a minimum, so it should be safe. My priority right now is care and safety. If at any point there is any contact with anyone who may show Covid19 symptoms, the shop and ebay will close again.

Feel free to have a browse.

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